Friday, February 5, 2010

If you make this, your kids will eat...

That's a pret-ty big claim. In reality, I don't know if your kids will eat this, but my two loved it. In fact, Joe was sneaking bites of it. I will show you in a few pictures.

To copy all of my friends, Friday night has become pizza night. It sure makes Friday nights easy for me to have the meal already planned. I like easy Fridays because I am essentially gone the next two days working. Fridays are my Sunday. I really don't like in my kickboxing class when the instructor excitedly exclaims that "it's Friday", I just can't identify with that.
For a year or so now, David has been purchasing bluebird houses to place around the yard. Meanwhile, I have never seen a bluebird ever, especially in our yard. Well, low and behold, the other day I was standing at the kitchen sink, doing guess what? And a speck of blue caught my eye. My photos do not justify their blue, but trust me these were bluebirds. Look at the entry post on the fence.

Pigtails are funny!

Now, last night I made this purple velvet torte, aka, beet and chocolate torte. Definetly, a far cry from anything I have ever baked . For the sweetener I used agave nectar, and for the oil, grapeseed oil. Sometimes, I get frisky in the kitchen. Check out Elana's pantry for this recipe and others, like, vegan chocolate cupcakes. If any one would like to share your ideas, thoughts and info on vegan cooking and gluten free foods, please share. I am very interested in this way of eating and nourishment, but am a little scared and skeptical to take the plunge. I have always been a meat and potato girl at heart.

Charlotte was digging the beet cake. Well, really she was shoveling. She ate her piece in about two bites! Just like her mother.
Now, before I go gluten free, I need to go hide the bacon (turkey) I just cooked (before David and Joe eat it all). I have been dying to make these peanut butter bacon cookies, and I need to know what I will be missing. Yes, I said peanut butter bacon cookies.