Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Angel Sugar Cookies Rock

Totally snarfing on PW's Angel Sugar Cookies. I have eaten too, too many, please send help. Oh wait I don't need help, someone has sent an angel. An angel in Thomas the Train couture and a teal tutu.
I might be experimenting with uploading photos on the blog. So do not be alarmed with the crazy proportions.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Representing KC

A total surprise to me, Monday morning my husband vaguely suggests that I find a babysitter. I am thinking oh yeah right, because we rarely go anywhere and with Dave Ramsey in our lives, it is sacrilege to spend money.

An hour later he proclaims that two tickets will be waiting at the front entrance to the Unity Temple to see P-Dub. I have been a devoted reader of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman for over a year. Have you all read Black Heels to Tractor Heels? I stumbled upon that the first day I found her blog and spent the next 48 hours glued to the computer screen.

Why the scowl Ryanne? Well, I was trying to be silly, because I knew David was trying to take a picture, but I felt really bad for this girl standing in line next to me who forgot her camera. Oh wait, that wasn't some girl, that was me. I freaking forgot my camera. I never do anything like this and I forgot the dadgum camera. So all of these pics were taken with Dave's camera phone.

Did you know that Ree's cookbook hit the New York Time's best seller list? Well, you do now! This fuzzy snapshot was taken at about 11:35 at night. We were one of the last fifteen people there. Poor Ree, she had had another signing that day, and I know she had to be exhausted. But she kept right on trucking like a pro. I had hoped to stand out, and that she would remark how clever and witty I was, and ask to read my charming blog. But I think she probably thought I was crazy, because I proceeded to tell her that I cook from her blog probably 3-4 times a week, read it daily and sometimes it is pulled up on the computer all day, which is really just me either cooking all day, making a grocery list, and/or reviewing future recipes.
Anyway, we had such a relaxing/fun night. After Ree's interview with Vivenne from Rainy Day books, David and I went to dinner because it was several hours before my number would be called for the signing. And it was fun to watch Marlboro Man and their two boys at the signing. Her boys were a tad bit rambunctious, but they were just being boys, and I loved it because it just made her more real and down to earth.
I am now wondering if I should just take my camera everywhere with me, like I take my phone or my wallet...dum dum dum

Monday, November 16, 2009

in 2008

I snapped this photo one year ago today - it is Charlotte with my sister Shelbe.
Today, on this date in 2009, David and I are going to see Pioneer Woman! I can't wait. Oh yeah, and I get her new cookbook. Can't wait for that either! Now I need to go wash my hair and shower so I don't stink when I meet Ree. I think I am going to wear my cowboy boots, and borrow a trendy sweater from my sister.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today was as beautiful inside as it was outside. Do you know those days where you don't have a care in the world? Well, my day wasn't carefree, but my worries were "in check" if you will, and I was semi-productive. David had FOP meetings through the day so it was just me and the chittlins. I scurried to Wally world before David left for his meetings, just to get diapers, cat food, and some of the cheaper dry goods vs. say cereal at the grocery store where the price is hiked up $2-3. I bought the kids a cinnamon roll and bear claw, something I do about 3-4 times a year. Came home, fed them breakfast, everyone got dressed and headed to the Y, where I take my kickboxing class, that I absolutely love, and really deserves it's own post one day.
Talk about a total body workout, that is as fun as it is good for you. Sometimes I think Cindy, the instructor picks on me, she really pushes me. Today over her microphone she commented, "somebody came to work hard today", and I did! I was punching the bag across the room, and my arms were on fire.
After kickboxing, I treated the kids at the coffee shop. I only go to the coffee shop on the days that David works all day and it is just me and the kids. I justify needing the caffeine, and Joe really loves sitting on the stool at the bar. Joe likes the Italian soda and I usually partake in the Blushing Zebra.
We took our treats to the grocery store, where the kids were so good. Joe just walked along with the cart and Charlotte sitting inside. Of course, he was handsy, but I tried to keep him busy looking for items on the list. Then I locked my keys and the kids in the car, had a brief, "oh my Lord" moment then Joseph willingly climbed to the front of the car, and unlocked it.
We came home, fixed turkey sandwiches, and I labored over a pot roast. David came home early from his meetings, which was a nice surprise. I folded some laundry, started packing a suitcase, because the kids and I are staying at my mom's tonight, so she can watch the kids tomorrow while David and I work.
The kids went down for naps. David and I snoozed in the chair and couch, respectively, and I elevated my left foot. My heel hurts like the dickens. The pain is a cross between a bruise feeling and a burn. Does anyone know what this might be? Is it plantar fascitis (help with spelling)?
Now I need to finish packing up the car, and the kids. The pot roast smells awesome through the house. Since being on the Total Money Makeover, I haven't bought any candles. I have found myself baking and cooking to make the house smell good. Pot roast canlde anyone?
Anyway, today was just one of those perfect days. Life is good! Then I work tomorrow...hehehehe!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I don't know if I can remember everything we've been doing but I do know that about 8:30 every night I am pretty tired.
Here we are at Kerby Farms pumpkin patch for the preschool Fall party.

Language Lane was supposed to have a costume party down the main street in Bonner, but it rained the whole day. So they improvised and held other activities at the school. The program and parade were sweet and charming none the less.

Joseph taking his turn and telling everyone he was a "police oppicer"

Patiently waiting for a cookie.

Eating a cookie. Do you find my narration helpful?

The future chicken coop. To be expanded upon at a later date.

David and I have started the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover, and have been at it about a month and a half. Although it seems longer. So Christmas shopping, and the holiday season ought to be fun this year. This year I might actually budget and follow a plan more closely. I refuse to "get behind" this year because of Christmas. The pressure to spend and give useless gifts is unbelievable and ruins Christmas for me. I always feel so guilty. Arghhhhhhhhhhh. But not this year. It's going to be simple. Right, simple?

MIA on Halloween

This year I worked Halloween. Of course I didn't want to work, but neither did the twenty other mom's who worked Halloween, so I didn't attempt to take PTO. Luckily David took off the day, and was able to participate in the festivities.

Now, I am almost didn't want to post about Halloween. I had a costume for Charlotte, that a friend loaned me and used for her little girl a two years ago. Well, being the organized mom that you all know I am, I never put the costume on Charlotte until Halloween night. Surprise, surprise, the costume didn't fit, as evidenced by the pictures below. So to appease me, David poured Charlotte into the jumpsuit for picture sake, but obviously wouldn't keep her in it all night. The poor guy called me at work to warn me that it didn't fit, and she wouldn't be able to wear it. She is supposed to be a prisoner.

And Joseph is a cop. I have never seen such a happy policeman. By the way, I must give credit where credit is due. The big brother/cop and little sister/inmate costumes and idea were Josie O's idea. I am just a copycat.

Now this picture breaks my heart, because I wasted a perfect opportunity and once in a lifetime chance to do something cute with Charlotte. She will never be this age again. She looks so pitiful in the background at the door watching her brother enjoy the Halloween night and the attention. Meanwhile she stares longingly outside. One day she will look at this picture and think, my mama didn't love me.

Look at the small pumpkin. I botched cutting the top off and decided to make him into a pirate. Are you jealous of my creativity? Yup, I thought so.

So Sowwy...

I want to apologize to anyone who still reads this blog. I want to say I am sorry, sorry for leaving up a picture of Kraft macaroni cheese for as long as I did. When I posted that silly post, I thought to myself, oh it won't be up that long, I'll post something cute of the kids later today or maybe the next. But oh no, I think it has been a week now. So right after I pop some kettle korn and pick Joe up from preschool, I will come back and post something else. Anything but mac n'n cheese.