Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Midnight

Because it is midnight and I must go to work tomorrow, I will keep this brief. The past two months have felt so busy at times. Trying to squeeze in doctors appointments for myself and the kids. All between naps and preschool. If Charlotte misses any type of afternoon nap, everyone suffers. Some doctors appt. I prefer not to take siblings, i.e Charlotte's hearing screen, Joe having his eyes dilated (where he screams and cries and I feel so sad for him that I cry), my glucose tests. Yes, I failed the first screening and had to take the three hour (barf). Drinking 100 grams of sugar condensed into 10 oz. is absolutely the most awful, disgusting thing. I felt nauseated, as if I were way too drunk, but without the fun loopy buzz. I couldn't even read the magazines that I brought to keep me entertained for three hours, because it made me feel even more sick to read the tiny print. Anyway, point being, I am trying to slow down with any obligations that can maybe wait until early next year, and focus on the pregnancy and baby #3. Because, having a third child, it'll be so much easier to get everything done, that I need to. Haha, hehe, oh my...

I want to update more on the chittlin's, because they are changing each and every day (but again, it is late). Young children can overwhelm and exhaust almost any mother. I know this time when they are so young, sweet loving, exerting independence, finding joy in the simplest things, honest, do I need to go on - will not last forever. I will long for the days to sit in the rocking chair, cuddle and read stories. So please, bare with me.
Thursday night, I coordinated the preschool Fall Party at the pumpkin patch. It was a party for 60 families, and totally stressed me out. As I sat outside the tee-pees checking in guests (one of my many jobs), I had some quiet time. And I am such a sap, but I love moments like these. The sun was setting, and you could see a silo and farm on the horizon. Kansas gets such a bad rap. The colors of the sky and corn field, the quiet, and the smell of fresh grass, Kansas is beautiful.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Watching the Grass Grow

Do you believe that? Compared to many, I am not that busy, maybe just tired.?. I guess blogging has fallen to the bottom of my list though. Tonight, I hope to update on the family (pictures included). But you have heard that promise before - here is to hoping. Right now, while the kids are finishing out their naps, and I am finishing out my quiet time, I am going to clean my kitchen (I have said that before, so here is to hoping) and assemble something for dinner. I just bought some new music, I hope it keeps me moving. How many times have I said hope in this short post?