Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In the Meantime


So you don't have to look at a picture of pot roast.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging to Sleep

I am not sure what has come over me, I guess I just feel like sharing.  And seriously, please note, that I don't think I am some amazing photographer, and today I decided to wow you with my ability to capture the wonders of the pot roast.  It just so happened that I had decided to make pot roast in advance and it seemed to be the perfect entree for this very chilly Spring day.  And comfort food on a cold day makes me happy.
Plus, I just liked the way the ingredients fell in the pot.  Pot roast makes your house smell yummy.  The only thing it in beer.

 Since it was so chilly, I decided to rescue these poor peonies from the outside.  I kind of feel guilty when I cut flowers from outside, because I feel like I am taking beauty away from others.  But not today, these girls needed a warm place to stay. 
 Lastly, has anyone had the "Mother-in-law" from Sheridan's?  Oh my heavens, vanilla custard, tapioca pudding, rice krispies, semi-sweet chocolate and slices of banana - hello love!  Not a combination I would normally pick, but I am addicted.
Working the weekend, and I needed some down time to settle in for the night. Hopefully next week, the kids and I will work on the garden...

The Car Ride Home

 The kids spent Thursday afternoon at my Mom's, while I got my haircut, went to Chick-fil-A and Target.  Sounds like the perfect day, right? Well, it was pretty nice, I won't lie.  Not to mention, I called up my little sister, who is usually working, or in school, and who I rarely see, and asked her if she was busy.  Well, the moons were aligned and I swung by her house to pick her up and drug her around with me.  Funny how things work out that way.

But since the kids were at Nana's for the afternoon, meant the older two did not nap.  They went for walks and worked in the yard.  They were exhausted to say the least.  I wanted to snap before and after pictures of the 35 minute ride home.
Do you see Charlotte's bottom lip?  Frankly, you can't miss it.  The bottom lip is always accompanied with whining.  Let's just say that Charlotte's bottom lip sticks out 70% of the day.

 They watched the last ten minutes of Toy Story, and literally with the beginning of the credits both of their eyes shut and heads drooped down.
 Joe woke up right after I pulled off of the highway.  He was excited for t-ball practice, so he couldn't go back to sleep.  Hence, I didn't get a good sleeping/drooling picture of him.  But one day I will show him this picture and tell him that Betsy has had him wrapped around her finger from day one.
 I knew she was tired too.  I have really pushed her as far as a sleeping schedule goes.  With the first two I was much more stringent with a schedule, but with three kids it's a little more difficult.  Still, she amazes me with her patient and sweet demeanor.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


 Random posts are the best.  No rhyme or reason, just whatever I feel like saying, or I guess typing.   Here we go.

I have a question, why did God give me these wonderful, sweet babies?  Three sweet tempered, good eating, good napping, good bedtime sleeping babies.  Maybe He thinks I am not strong enough to handle a more difficult child, I don't know.  Maybe my trying times just have not arrived yet?  Now that I have said this, tonight they will be hellions.

I want more pictures of me with my kids. 

Shelbe, did you know that you left your hat in our truck?  Shelbe, did you know that I wear this hat all of the time?  I have decided that the "thirties" is the decade of  hats and sunscreen.
Tonight my Dad brought over his rota-tiller (spelling anybody?).  This year I am really trying to make this a fruitful garden (no pun intended).  We have never tilled like this before, maybe it will make a difference.
 So, I am having empty nest syndrome.  Or maybe empty coop syndrome.  I miss the chickens.  My Dad said, "you guys need some chickens, because you have a bitchin' coop".  Love it - a bitchin' coop. 
My favorite time of year is approaching, which means a few peony pics here and there.  I can't wait to smell them, oh my heavens the nostalgia.  Peonies just tug at my heart.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Worth the Wait

For the last two years (because of my work schedule), I have missed Moon Marble Company's Marble Days and the Running of the Pinkies. This year though I volunteered to help sale baked goods for Joseph's preschool, and convinced myself to take the day off.  I was not disappointed. Too much fun to watch the Uni-loader raise up and dump all of the balls in the street and then all of the kids and their parents run after them.

I think this guy was totally digging his job. 
 It works like this - you purchase a ball for two dollars and the chance to race, and the first three balls to reach the finish line win prizes.

 The Pinky Ball course.  It's much more intricate then what I could photograph, but I was trying to take pictures with a tired 35 lbs. two year old on my hip and an over excited five year old lagging behind me.

Joseph lost his first tooth.  I expected it to be a big ordeal, but he was pretty mellow when it happened.  In fact I didn't believe him when he told me because I expected him to be hysterical.

 She was content to sit and let the balls come to her.  What a smart girl!

 After ten minutes, Joseph looked up at me and said, "I am ready to go home now." 

 How was Mother'sDay?  I worked, then came home to a clean house, watched Mad Men and drank a glass of wine with pomegranate.  No complaints.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh, What to Post.?

Oh my, she is the sweetest baby ever.

Yet again, not much to post, and how blessed is that?  We are staying busy with everyday activities and fitting in kickboxing (now, I know what it means to work hard just to get to the gym, when I have to prepare and package three little kids).  I have not forgotten my handmade projects, they are just postponed for now, and with Summer coming up, I hope to be spending a lot of time outside.  Not to mention, Don Draper requires some of my attention as well.