Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rock Star

Well since my last post, we have basically been hanging out here and there. Mostly here at home. I worked both Saturday and Sunday, and don't remember when I have slept so well. As David would say when people ask how I am, he says, "nausea and grouchy", but some might argue that I am always grouchy.
I have really been looking forward to whenever we take Joe to the indoor playgym, not only is it fun to watch your kid play, but it is also interesting to watch other parents with their young children. I had the best intentions of taking the camera today to get some good pics of Joe, but I forgot it, and lately it seems a miracle to get my ass out the door. So here are some pics of Joe getting down and dirty while watching U2 Rattle and Hum. For those of you who don't know, Rattle and Hum is a rockumentary if you will, following the band U2 during their Joshua Tree tour and making of the album Rattle and Hum. Joe watches it almost daily, and as it begins he searches the house for his cowboy hat, just like the one Bono wears. This kid has been obsessed with hats since day 1. In the bottom of this pic you can see just a piece of an orange, plastic bat. Joe uses this bat, and several other similarly shaped items, as pretend guitars and microphones.

Same story, different day. Once Joe walks into the living room he starts repeating "two, two" and searches for the Rattle and Hum dvd, and then follows you around with it in his hands.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trucking Along

It's been a week and a half since the kidney stone episodes. I had been feeling pretty good, and went to work on Sunday, and had a easy assignment. But Monday I woke up and had left flank and pelvic pain comparable to the previous weekend. This time I was able to take a Zofran with some Percocet, and down a bunch of water, and the pain subsided over an hour.
Today I had a follow up ultrasound of my kidneys and the baby. The baby is growing as expected, and seemed to have a strong steady heartbeat. And apparently my kidneys, ureters, bladder etc. look fine and clear, and the ultrasound tech informed me that whatever I am going through "really isn't that big of a deal". What an infuriating and unreassuring answer. So I have concluded that all I can do is drink tons and tons of fluid, and hope for the best.
Right now Joe and I are watching Peter Pan, and I'm getting ready to make some Minestrone soup, which sounds good right now. Hoping to make a few calls and get a playgroup together on Thursday.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Freaking Weekend

I had been looking forward to this weekend for at least six weeks. I, along with two other girls were going to throw a baby shower for one of my good friends Melissa. When I was pregnant with Joseph, Melissa hosted the most beautiful baby shower for me. So I was very excited to help return the favor.

Well let me preface the story with the fact that I am about seven weeks pregnant. I have known for several weeks. I have been feeling good, and we are very excited to add to our family.

I was going to spend Friday running lots of baby shower errands, and I was very much looking forward to them. But, God had other plans. At exactly 7am I woke up with a pain on the left side of my abdomen. I thought what horrible gas pains and tried several things to alleviate it. But after thirty minutes the pain had not moved in position or lessened. So I woke up David who had only been home from work for about an hour, and said I think I need to go to the hospital. My OB office wouldn't be open for another hour, and if this was an ectopic pregnancy like I thought it might be, it is considered an emergency and they would tell me to go to an ER. We dropped Joe off at Tim and Shawnda's house and headed to OPRMC. On the ride over I started vomiting, and the pain intensified. Once entering the ER, I was immediately taken to a room, and worked up for an ectopic pregnancy. More than anything I wanted the nausea and vomiting to go away, and they offered me pain meds which also sudsided the nausea. The sono tech was very nice and knowledgeable, and it turns out the baby is fine. We even saw a heartbeat in the 130s. But I became extremely frustrated because I had no idea as to what was happening to me. So a little later a renal ultrasound was done and my left kidney was dilated, which with my symptoms might indicate kidney stones. Although no kidney stones were observed on the ultrasound. And because of the pregnancy I could not undergo a CT scan, which is much more detailed. After the vomiting had stopped and my pain was under control, I was discharged from the ER with a dx of kidney stones, pain meds, and follow up phone numbers.

The afternoon went well, and the evening was tolerable, but the night was absolutely horrible. I spent the whole night balled up on the couch, or balled up on the bathroom floor. I threw up everything I ate and the thought of drinking water made me want to die. David came down to check on me at 0230, and we decided to head back to the ER. In the first few minutes, I met a little attitude from the ER doc, but a few mintues into the history he realized I wasn't full of crap and I looked like crap as well. I know I was nausea, but I still felt awful, even after they gave me Zofran and Phenergan, but once they gave me some Fentanyl, I was able to get comfortable. I told the ER doc I felt better but I had no idea how I could go home and stay orally hydrated, because the thought of drinking water made me sick. So I was admitted under the OB service. They placed me on IVFs and a Fentanyl PCA, and I went up to my room at 0730 on Saturday morning, and didn't start taking PO fluids until 4pm, about two hours after they had given me a whopping 8mg of Zofran. My mom came up and made me some herbal tea, and for dinner I ate a vanilla shake, which at the time hit the spot. Sunday I ate a light breakfast and lunch and felt good enough to go home.
Joe has been at my mom's all weekend, and came home this morning. I missed him so much. My sister is staying with me tonight while Dave is at work. I am almost constantly nauseated. I don't know whether to attribute it to the pregnancy, kidney stones, or Percocet, probably all of the above. But I am afraid if I let my pain get out of control, then the cycle will start all over again. And sometimes I wish I could just pass the frecking stone so that I knew there was a reason for this misery. So I don't know what to expect for the week, or when I 'll feel well enough to go to work. Fortunately for you all there are no pictures for this entry. Hope to enter something a little lighter and sweeter for my next entry.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


This is my new favorite picture. I made cupcakes for New Years Eve, and Joe stood on a chair next to the coutertop and helped me. There is nothing artsy fartsy about this pic, but he just looks like the sweetest little boy in the whole world saying, "hey, look what I made". He has been especially funny today and tonight playing with David's magnetic darts. Tomorrow I am preparing to throw a baby shower for my friend Melissa. I am very excited, but nervous about how my cupcakes will turn out. My cupcakes will be her "shower cake" and I want them to look cute. So wish me luck. Maybe I will have Joe help me with these cupcakes too!