Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HOw Time FLieS

I am not sure the day that these chicks hatched, but this is the morning of March 18. We received the chicks March 17. Taken at night on March 22, hence the light of the heat lamp. So, at this point - about a week that the chicks have taken up residence. Note, they love to perch.
Awkward, and not cute. We'll name this one Grumpy.
Kind of cute and endearing.

Taken today. U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi. But one day they will be beautiful hens. The yellowish gold hens, called Buff Orrpingtons, are my favorite. My Dad says not to name them, but I am going to name the Buff ones.

Playgroup and socialization, so that we can hold them when they are full grown.
Two posts in 24 hours, what the heck?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Split Ends

Last Wednesday, I decided that it was time for Charlotte to have her first official hair cut. Obviously, Charlotte did not agree. This was my first and only attempt at a "before" picture. Moment captured!
Jessica, the stylist, sat Charlotte on her lap while she cut her hair, and I knelt in front of Charlotte trying to comfort her and hold her attention. Someone walked over to us and gave Charlotte some Skittles to try to calm her down. She willingly ate the Skittles, but continued to scream and cry with hot tears, lots of snot, and Skittle colored slobber pouring out of her mouth as she cried. A site to be seen, that I wished I could have photographed. But I opted to comfort my daughter as opposed to memorialize this meltdown.
The stylist offered to take "after" pictures. Charlotte was either clinging to me or trying to climb up me and escape.

Kind of funny, one side of her hair flips out and the other side turns under nicely. Just like my hair.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Logging into blogger for the first time in a month and half, I just realized this is my 200th post. How exciting. I have been taking pictures, as you can see from the Valentine cookies below, I have just been too lazy to post. I am no busier than any stay at home/work the entire weekend mom, it is just these kids are exhausting.
Joe passing out cookies on Valentines day. He can be so serious, and he can be soooo....

sociable, and he can be sooooo...

ornery! Look at his shirt closely, maybe a tad trashy and/or inappropriate, but isn't it funny to see some toe headed boy with glasses and dimples wearing a shirt that says "Lock up your DAUGHTERS".

Joe and I both celebrated birthdays since the last post. This is one of only two shots that I was able to snap of Joe. I was busy. It is always busy cooking for 15-20 people. But for some reason I thrive on cooking and entertaining. I love to have parties!?! Not the boozy, get smashed parties, but the few beers, good food, good music, your house is clean and smells good party. Oh, and you just hung your new chandelier party. They are the best.

My birthday feels more special now that I have children. I hope that comment doesn't insult anyone, but I just feel that celebrating being alive, is celebrating them being alive. I went to a conference on my birthday, and while it was motivating for work (I need all the motivation I can get), I desperately missed Joe and Charlotte.

Cupcakes from Babycakes. I plan to take Joe and Charlotte there a few times this summer for random treats. I have to say the dreamsicle cupcake was my favorite.

A decent family picture. At least of David and I.

I love this picture. Look at Charlottes's sweet face. This was the third attempt at this picture.

Now for some big news. I didn't expect them quite so soon, but eight baby chicks arrived at our house on Wednesday. We didn't plan on eight chickens, we planned on 3-5. I planned on 3, and David planned on 5. My dad bought us 8, thinking a few might die. Well, they are eight strong, and my dad says if they have made it this far, most likely they are here to stay.

They are beginning to feather, but are still mostly down. I think we have maybe 2 weeks maximum of the cute stage, then they enter the very awkward pullet stage. Joe and Charlotte love them. Joe calls them his baby chicks, and Charlotte tries to hold them, she is not afraid. Hopefully, more pictures to come, and one day a post on the progression of the chicken coop. It is still in the tidying up phase. I can't wait to cook with home grown eggs. Now, all I need is a dairy cow for some organic milk.
Then I can make true homemade, organic ice cream. I am on an ice cream kick right now. The possibilities are endless.