Friday, April 23, 2010

For PEte's Sake

I started this post back on April 23rd, but you see, I have developed this awful, awful habit. When I start the bedtime routine for the kids I have these lofty aspirations of folding clothes, washing dinner dishes, scrubbing floors, but about thirty minutes into the routine, it is all I can do to keep from falling asleep. I either end up asleep with Joe, or I come downstairs, start watching TV just to decompress from bedtime battles, and I am out like a light. The worst part of the habit, is when David gets home around 1 am or 1:30 am, I scramble to wake up, and clean something. Because I know when the kids are awake I feel guilty not playing with them, or it seems so hard to just break away from them and put away folded clothes. Or Joe likes to conduct my cleaning of his room, and it becomes a battle. After some barely productive cleaning, it takes me about 1-2 hours to fall back asleep. That being said I will leave you with these pics, so I can go try to fall asleep. These pics are of the chicken coop (obviously) when the initial batch of chickens were first acclimated. Yes, I said first batch, for various and mysterious reasons we are on our third batch of chickens. I guess, that is why they are $1.50 a piece.?.

Sometimes, when he is being silly, my Dad makes this face.

David worked really hard, I helped hang like maybe two sections of chicken wire. He did it all!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Funny, life never turns out like you plan. Good Friday is one of my favorite days. I think that is because my Mom always made Good Friday special, where all of us girls would go out to eat lunch, or some special errand where we were all together. I have begun a tradition of a nice family lunch/brunch and spending the afternoon coloring eggs, because a) David works Friday night and b) I work the weekend and miss Easter.

It just so happens one of my annual checkups fell on Good Friday. Bummer. This being the case I started making lunch yesterday, so that a) I wouldn't fell rushed to get home and cook, and b) we would eat before 3pm. Brisket was in the oven at 4 am this morning, salad was ready in the fridge, I just needed to come home and whip up some mashed potatoes, and I could make cupcakes while we dye eggs.

While I am in the shower this morning, the power goes out. Other than ice storms, when the power goes out, it flickers back on within a few minutes. Not the case today. Crap, brisket in the oven, and I hope my loaded refrigerator stays cool. But, OK, I am relieved to leave David at home with two kids and no electricity while I begrudgingly head to my appointment. Because, surely, power will be restored to the Toland home as soon as possible.

Once home from my appointment, (gasp) our home is still in the dark, and my brisket is in a tepid oven, and my salad and hard boiled eggs, well, I didn't check because I didn't want any cold air escaping the fridge. Oh yeah, no mashed potatoes, because of my electric stove. I grew up with gas stoves, and I miss them dearly. Executive decision, pack up the kids and go out to eat. We dined at Granny's Chicken Ranch (at Legends), it was decent and hit the spot. With much anticipation, we headed back home. Groan, no power. So Charlotte and I took a nap, and Joe played in his room (yes, I know mother of the year, I napped in his room while he played). When I awoke, (awoke, sounds like a fairy tale, right?) I needed a plan. Still no power, so I called my Dad, to see if maybe we could crash at his house. But he offers to bring out a generator. I guess much of our little town, especially the bigger businesses were without power, and power was not expected until late tonight. Boy, it sure is a daunting feeling to be so reliant on electricity, and in an instance, (when you are most humbled, wet and naked in the shower) Mother Nature decides to turn off the switch.

Anyway, plan is generator. After my Dad hustles to load the generator, gas, power cords and power strip outlets, and he is on his way, the rush of the central air fills the house, the oven lights up and almost every light in the house. Well, "Dad, since you were on your way, why don't you just come over for dinner?" My brother Michael, happened to be with him. I finished the brisket, whipped up some mashed potatoes, simultaneously dyed eggs with the kids. Michael and my Dad entertained the kids, and helped out with dinner. Joe played outside with Michael until dark. Something I never do, because I always feel like I need to clean the kitchen, bathe everyone, finish laundry, clean their rooms, you name it. While I washed dishes, I visited with my Dad while he and Charlotte watched Joe and Michael outside. Maybe not like what I planned, but a good Easter Friday none the less.

Happy Easter!