Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Failed Family Affair

Well we tried to make it a family affair of snowmen making, but Joe was not interested in playing with the snow. And besides the snow was too powdery to build a solid snowman. Below is a miniature snowman family that David built. We tried to place dried berries for eyes and I carved little carrot noses, but again nothing would stick in the snow. Fortunately, we stuck in some stick arms, and I gave the mama snowman a sassy scarf. So there you are.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26th

The day after Christmas has always beeen a strange and bittersweet day for me. I never know how to feel. I feel a sense of relief that the pressure to buy, buy, buy gifts for everyone you know is over, but I love Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas greenery, the bright red and splarkly golds and silver. I hate the thought of taking down my Christmas tree.
Today was a good day though. David, Joe and I opened our Christmas presents this morning, lounged around the house all day, took long afternoon naps, then went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Who doesn't love the breadsticks and endless salad? This pic is of our house after the snow finished falling. My photography does no justice to the lights on the bushes with the snow. But I took this pic because it so comforting to pull in the driveway on a wintry night. If the snow sticks around long enough we will try to make a snowman tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toland Christmas

Since David and I both had Sunday off we decided to have his family's Christmas here at our house. I can't say enough about how hard David works, cleaning the house, and hauling ass to get the bathroom semi finished and functioning with a new sink and toilet. Basically, he picks up my slack to make the house look good. Our house felt very warm and cozy, including the bathroom.

I was sad that Sandy and Caitlyn couldn't be with us, but I was so looking forward to watching Joseph play with his cousins. Even though there is three years and six years between them, Joe loves to play with them, and it has just been in the last month that Joe genuinely enjoys playing with other kids, as opposed to around them. Here is a rare and precious pic of Joe and his Uncle Tim.

Miranda, Laird and Joseph
Joseph reluctantly went to bed, and now David and I are relaxing before our pending working holiday.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
The Tolands of Bonner Springs

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Not sure what we've been up to. Of course, the bathroom is taking longer than expected, but coming along nicely. David is a very meticulous worker. And since Dave is working on the bathroom, I have been trying to keep Joe out of his way. December 12 was Mackenzie's birthday, here are pics of Joe enjoying the limelight.
Joe found his way into a box, with child friendly packing. Don't worry there were four adults closely supervising. I love the expressions on his face.

Well since it's Sunday night, and I am finished with my working weekend, and very tired. Hoping to take Joe to see Santa in the beginning of the week. Everyone have a good week.


I'm so sorry I have been slacking and not posting. I guess with Christmas and the ever lingering bathroom mess, I haven't been motivated for pics. Also, Joe has really entered the stubborn toddler stage, and has been difficult to photograph. But I have a few pics from Mackenzie's bday, that I will post tonight. Now that I think about it most people check out the blog at work, so maybe it is pointless to enter this message. Nonetheless it makes me feel better to post this. Everyone enjoy your Sundays, I know I will. Hee, Hee!