Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mud Baths and Beyond

Another random, infrequent post. I am not even sure what to say. David and I each have an independent project in the works, which will be announced at later dates. Something I feel we both needed to be true to ourselves and stay sane. Since the beginning of June, I wake up before the kids to get "things" done. Then when the kids wake up, the day begins. We don't go many places, daytime is the time Joe and David spend together, so their day is typically spent in the yard. And Charlotte's nap schedule often keeps me close to home. The girl takes two naps a day, and if I am obsessive about anything it is ensuring my children get plenty of sleep. Sleep = brain maturation. Oh yah, and sleep = a happy disposition.

This was Monday at lunch time. We will probably do more of the same today. I am going to make an Oven Fried Chicken, blanch some green beans (I love crunchy, bright green beans) and sweet potato fries. Now that I am thinking about it, I want to whip up some sun chai tea, and have David break out the vintage picnic table. It's not too hot under the shade tree. Let's not forget watermelon for dessert. I have really had some hankerings for summer fruit, especially watermelon and cherries.

As for this character, he amazes me everyday. He is not a baby anymore. He is a little boy. And might I add, he has my tempermant, this I am sure. Joe loves playing outside, which I love, but sometimes it is hard for me to keep up on household obligations when I stay outside with him. We received his preschool supply list, and info to begin the school year. Oh I can't wait! They even have a parents group that sounds very involved throughout the year. Monthly field trips, a holiday program, a float in the high school homecoming parade, and I can even bake homemade treats for his birthday. It is all so nostalgic! Joe is also very excited about the Bonner Springs library opening July 12th. He asks to drive by it when we leave the house, and then remarks how he can't wait for his school and the library to open. Amazing, it is a true honest to goodness person, with likes, dislikes, fears and triumphs that God allowed us to create and nurture.

Now, I must tend to my kitchen, summer tea and daughter's dirty diaper. Stay cool peeps!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May 30th

A fashionably late post. May 30th was the long anticipated Campout and Walk for Life in honor of my uncle Mel who left this earth a little over one year ago. I had a link posted in my sidebar for quite some time, and will repost another link once information is posted about the 2010 event. A lot could be said about that night so I will only say a little - you could lose yourself in my babbling. Plus, I wasn't sure how to document and interpret the night, so here it goes.

Ever since Nano and Uncle Mel passed away, anytime something of nature catches my eye to make me pause or look twice, I feel the presence of my loved ones with me. As I walked by this burning candle nailed to a post in the pitch black parking lot, I paused. I even came back to it several times, trying to capture just the right photograph to convey how this candle made me feel. It was late at night or early in the morning, the church grounds were fairly full of tents and campers. The festivities of the night had ended and most were quiet. Here in this dark quiet was a lone, amber glowing cross, which emitted the smell of incense. I thought of my uncle Mel, and about how whenever he was around I felt a sense that everything would be okay, (also that I need to just lighten up sometimes). Since I couldn't park myself at the base of the pole for fear of looking like an idiot, I clung to that image all night.

I probably only slept for two hours that night (hence no pictures of me at this event). My mind was racing. My stupid work alarm on my phone woke me up from a much needed slumber that I would not return to. When I saw the time on my phone, my first thought was I must go look at the sky. I was not dissappointed, the heavens were open for all to see. And again, there was that enveloping hope that everything will be alright. Thank you Nano and Uncle Mel for beginning that day in that way. We miss you both with all of our hearts.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

the Garage Sale

I have always thought that a garage sale would be too much work. But in my frenzied obsession to declutter our house, a garage sale became quite alluring. David may scratch his head with this statement, but I really enjoyed working together as a family. The kids were well behaved and socialized well with our shoppers. I just felt a sense of accomplishment for our little family. I failed to mention, (heehehehee) that unfortunately I had to work Saturday, so my sister Mackenzie came over to help David with the kids and the sale. As far as garage sales are concerned, we were quite successful.
It seemed like shopping was ebb and flow, so I took pics during downtime. I love taking pictures outside, because, the majority of the time I don't have to use a flash.

Like almost all little boys, Joe loves to dig in the dirt. He looks for a specific type of rock, and collects a handful - then he calls them his "eggs". Then he becomes quite protective of them for the rest of the day.

This amber hued mirror, that had been hiding in one of our sheds, caught my eye. I liked the rosy hue it would cast in the reflection.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

El Lame-O

What a punk! I am so sorry I haven't posted, and I am sure you all are tired of looking at Peonies. With the change in the seasons and the fact that I stopped breastfeeding, I have found a renewed source of energy and motivation. We've been busy with lots of little projects, and I have tried staying off of the computer, because it sucks me in. I hope to post some pics soon - famous last words.