Thursday, April 28, 2011

the Backyard

Life is being lived.   My house is in ruin, but tonight I made it a point to rock the baby and then cuddle with Charlotte before bed.  Eventually I will catch up.  Playing catch-up, that's just how I roll.  In fact, I have contemplated a post about procrastination and when it is a good thing. 

David terrorizing me through the kitchen with his latest "kill".  Mole hunting season has arrived.
 We have waited and longed for IT, and now IT is upon us - the seasons of the backyard.   S'mores in the fire pit, lying in the grass and sunshine, watching the owls in the trees. Hopefully, working in the garden will be easier when I am not pregnant.  Did you know, that pregnant women are more attractive to mosquitoes because they produce more carbon dioxide?  True story.
 It's hard to fix dinner when this cuteness is swaggering around the yard in my sunglasses.  She knows it too.
Today, I sat on a tree stump feeding the baby and watching the kids play.  I started to crave the free days of Summer, and appreciate the tiredness that overcomes the kids from just being outside.  So much to look forward to.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

250th and the Grands

250 posts.  I can't believe I have stuck with "blogging".  I often think of quitting this site, b/c there are so many wonderful blogs that are informative, creative and inspirational.  I feel like I am clogging up the internet with my simple ordinary life.  I guess, I feel I have nothing significant to contribute. But that being said, I enjoy chronicling our days, and looking back at the babies.  So, no more "feelings" talk.  I am here a little while longer.

Yesterday, after preschool I took the kids to the city library.  Powell Gardens presented Butterflies and Ladybugs.  Joseph is sitting next to his "best bud" and his best bud's sister.  The Grands, are our two last names blended together.  Yesterday, both families were at the gym together, then preschool together, then the library.  Tonight, both families will be at t-ball practice, then the preschool ice cream social. Both families have three kids, the oldest boys, and then two younger sisters.

 Betsy in the mai tei.  Soft, fuzzy baby head - so yummy.

Charlotte, on "Logan's mom"s lap.  Oh my, those big blue eyes, they're a killer.

Baby fix.  Betsy kept talking, drooling and choking herself with her hand.  Such a good baby.

Powell Gardens brought ladybugs (in magnified cubes) for the kids to release outside.
Nail trimming anyone?
I call this photo, the Hunter and the Lumberjack.

Starting in May, Powell Gardens opens Jurassic Gardens.  The site doesn't seem to have a lot of info about it yet, but the flier I received made it a must see.  Day trip for sure.  Check it out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I thought I would  post randomness as I sit on the couch with feet up, drinking coffee and waiting for the mailman to bring the next Mad Men dvd.

Today was my first day back to the gym since I was 15 weeks pregnant with Betsy.  Boy, my body aches and I love it.  I love to sweat.  Sweating is a drug - just like running.  Hopefully, running will come again soon, once I figure out how to heal my foot.

Taken in the Summer of 2009.  The kids and I drove down to my dad's farm.  That is one thing I miss, spending days loafing around at the farm.  Quiet, fresh air, smoke from a fire, nothing but green.  

I want another pair of cowboy boots.

Not sure what this was about?
Eating green beans.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Notice the unilateral squinting? Yes, it could have been from sunlight, but most likely it was the fact that he could barely see.
Where heaven and earth meet.
Now, the mail has arrived and I have a date with Don Draper and several loads of laundry.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh My...a lazy post

I am in love with this man.  I want to drop everything and go lipstick shopping, right now!  As of lately, nap time and bed time consist of catching up on Mad Men.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In the Morning Light

I am loving these Spring mornings.  Birds chirping, crisp air, windows open, sunshine beaming in the living room, it's too much.  I told you this has become a weather blog.  Translation, life is a bit boring around here, and actually, that's okay.

As for the video, I only recorded the end of their "conversation".  She had so much to say before the camera appeared.   

Another, In Case You Missed It

I am fairly certain most everyone who ventures here also follows PW.  I love, love, love her photography assignments.  This week it's Brothers, and oh, if it doesn't make my heart pitter, patter.  

Hope to post later today. For now enjoying the house with windows open and music playing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Somethin's Cooking

Baking these for my peeps at work this weekend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Agony of Defeat

photo from the Bonner Springs Chieftain

One of the great aspects of having a small audience is that I can say virtually what I want, and don't have to take any scuff for it.  From the title you can conclude the results of the election.  That's right, the grumpy man to David's right and our left (you know, the one in the orange collared shirt) won the City Council seat for Ward 3 in Bonner Springs.  Blah.
Tonight, we loaded the kids in the truck and drove around town picking up signs for two hours.  Lastly, we stopped by the liquor store.  Bought a bottle of Broke Ass red wine.  Cheers to the election of 2013!

Monday, April 4, 2011

the Weather Blog

 Slow times, when in the last three posts, most of the discussion involves the weather and arrival of Spring.  Sorry about that.  Times don't feel slow, I have completed many tasks and appointments that I had been procrastinating.  Completed them indeed, usually with three kids in tow.  It sorta makes me feel like Superwoman. 

Tomorrow, though, is a big day.  For the last month, David has been aggressively campaigning for the ward 3 position of the Bonner Springs city council.  Tomorrow, we vote.  For the past several weekends, he packs the kids in the truck and heads about town to campaign.  Tomorrow night I will post the results.

It's amazing what happens to the psyche, when one looks out the window and sees green grass as opposed to dead brown grass.

I have started something new.  E-mealz.  Only the first week and having prepared only two meals, I am pleased with the results and relieved to relinquish the task of meal planning to someone else.  Note to self, the portion sizes and recipes don't account for little hands or thrifty husbands that like to snatch the (bacon) ingredients off the counter.

Last, and never least, I heart chubby, blue eyed babies.