Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the Passed Out Preschooler

Again, sorry for the lack of posts. Exercise and training have become a bit of an obsession right now. Sweating has become a drug. I need to sweat daily to feel good. And, when I say sweat, I mean buckets. There is no glowing and/or glistening here, it is full on saturation. But this post isn't about me, it is about my sweet and often ornery preschooler.

Joseph's first day of pre-school was today. I have been anticipating this day for about a year now, and it has arrived. Crazy how time flies. I won't say much else. Just that Joe's teacher said he had a great day, and that he is a really fun kid. She told me at one point Joe exclaimed, "pre-school is awesome!"

Ummm, Mom why are you taking my picture while I am staring into the sun? Poor guy...

This is about an hour after arriving home. I tried to forgo his nap, hoping for an early and easier bedtime, but the poor chittlin' is exhausted. I still think he will sleep like a rock tonight.

Here's to a second childhood, and enjoying every minute! Nap time included.

Friday, August 21, 2009

the HouRgLAss

Whew...life as become a whirlwind. I often think about posting, but am usually too tired and force myself to go to bed. I will try very hard to post pictures from the end of the Missouri River race, and Charlotte's birthday. But since tonight is Friday and I work the weekend, there are no promises. Only a promise that within a couple of days I will post some pictures of our life and times! Everyone, relish in this autumn-like weather. Oh, and I am getting the pumpkin baking fever.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

340 Update

Thursday 10:20 am: I just spoke with David. He and Dad are just leaving Cooper's Landing (check point 5) after sleeping for several hours, and are planning to canoe 70 miles today. My Dad has some sore pectoral muscles, but other than that team 10-60 seems in good spirits. Good luck guys, keep your chins up! I hope this is encouraging when you are reading the day after you finish the race, hahaha!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the BIG Muddy

So, one of the few things that our little family has been consumed by is the MR 340. No, the MR 340 is not a form of the flu, although gastrointestinal dysfunction can be a complication of participation in the 340. But the MR 340,also known as the Missouri River 340, is a 340 mile canoe and/or kayak race down the Missouri River. Participants have 88 hours to complete the 340 mile trek.

One year ago, my Dad and David started talking about this adventure, and about how I along with two small children would be the "ground crew". Well, needless to say, I am not crazy enough to take the children on this 4 day adventure, but at the last minute David and my Dad threw their hats into the proverbial ring.

And so here I am, attached to the computer feinding for race updates, and wondering why they are spending so much time in Cooper's Landing. Could it be the Thai Kitchen noodles?

Tuesday, August 4th was gray and stormy. Race organizers delayed the starting time by one and a half hours. Of course, David and my Dad were packed and ready to go by about 06:30 in the morning. The chittlins and I arrived about 07:10, which with the delay, allowed for plenty of time to absorb the atmosphere.

Soaked to the bone, and more than two hours before the race starts. Excited is an understatement.

David hasn't participated in an event like this since I have known him. And after having the two kids, and never taking a vacation, I am really excited for him to do something for himself. Parents need to take time out for themselves, to take better care of their children. I think we are just now starting to realize how important that is.

Of course, at this point my picture taking was becoming annoying. But I really wanted to capture this event. And to stand at Kaw Point looking out across the river in the pouring rain, magnified the enormity of this 340 mile float trip. David, I am just kidding when I call this a float trip. I am really proud of you...

The starting line stow-aways keeping dry in the Suburban.

I want to compete in this event next year so I can have a t-shirt with a skull and paddle cross-bones. Wait, I can just wear David's. Sorry for all of the rain drops on my camera lens.

Patiently, waiting to enter the water.

Last minute organization. Men are funny. I don't know how many times they loaded and re-loaded the canoe.

And they are off. Actually not really, they paddled to the other side, meandered around and floated around the starting line for almost an hour and a half. Talk about anticipation.

Two, good ole' Old Town canoes.

I really like this picture if it weren't for the dad gum rain drops on my camera.

About an hour later, the sun is starting to emerge, and the race start is quickly approaching.

Charlotte is such a good baby. She was content to just be held and watch everyone and everything around her. And oh boy, do I love my little girl.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures. Maybe ten minutes or so before the start. Their team number is 10-60, which in police code means "needs assistance". Those guys are funny!

The national anthem was sung, the countdown complete, and the muskets fired. The 4th annual Missouri River 340 is under way.

Friday, the kids and I are driving to St. Charles to meet team 10-60 at the finish line and to congratulate them.

Preschool Picture

Joe begins preschool and one item to bring the first week is a CURRENT family picture. It practically took the whole summer, but here it is.