Friday, February 29, 2008

Purple, the New Bunny

Joseph has found his new addictive toy. For those of you have followed along, "Purple" has now taken the place of "Bunny". Purple is a square shaped, purple magnet with a subtraction sign on it. It came with a kit of "Number Magnets for the refrigerator" that he got for his birthday. Whenever we go somewhere, the store, playgroup, anywhere, Joe has about three small toys in his hands. Before we leave, I tell him we are only taking one toy, and that he needs to make a choice. Hands down, it is always Purple. Whenever he misplaces Purple (which is often because it is small) and he can't find it, Joe freaks out. In this pic, we have finished reading bedtime stories, and Purple is in Joe's hands. Because, you know that we have to go to bed with Purple everynight. What does all of this say about my son?

Fun for $20!

Alright, yes I am blogging about a pair of shoes. I have been wanting and (I feel) needing a new pair of tennis shoes. Other than work, and some new winter boots, I have worn the same pair of running shoes everyday for at least a year now. I know, eewwww gross. Probably something I should keep to myself. Anyway, tonight Joe and I were at the outlet mall, and for weeks I have been unsuccessfully shopping (online, in stores, magazines, etc.) for the perfect pair of shoes that were not too expensive, versatile and a little more youthful than what I typically buy. I wanted BANG for my buck. So I went into the Nike store, and in the WOMEN'S Lifestyle section I found this fun, sassy little pair. They were only $20. I was hesitant, they have magenta stripes and a neon green swoosh, not my typical conserative buy. But my gut was telling me it would be okay, I work hard for my money and for twenty bucks I can have a little fun. So, I bought them. Here's to fun, and hopefully lots of wear.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comments please!

Hey mom, look what I did. No hands! A totally, new and original format. I like it right now, but we will see over time. It was a lot of fun to do, and I think it could become addicting finding new backgrounds, fonts, imbellishments. Please anyone and everyone who reads the blog, leave comments about how easy it is to read, what kind of vibe does the color scheme have i.e. happy, sad, old, young, vintage, relaxing. For all the bloggers, tonight I will post the website I used to help me do it. Time consuming but fairly easy.

What Do You Want To Be?

Well we haven't done a playgroup in about 5-6 weeks, so today we went with a group to Crown Center for a free exhibit What Do You Want To Be? Joe had an absolutely awesome time as evidenced by the following pictures. Sometimes I can't believe what a great kid he is, and wonder how am I going to get lucky twice.

Here is Joseph in the "oval office". He particularly liked this room.
Joe as an astronuat.
Raise your hand. Who didn't know that Joe would love the tractor. Duh!

Working on the car in the garage.

On top of the oval office, Joe especially loved the kitchen.

Can you believe it more than one post in a two week time span!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Ticker

It took me a while, but we have a new element for the blog. The baby in the ticker grows in size as time progresses. If you click on the ticker it breaks down the time element in several different ways. 178 days may not sound like alot, but 102 days have passed and there are only 25 weeks to go. And knowing David and I that is not a lot of time. There's lots to do. I also have to mention that I copied this idea from my friend Hillary.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday

Yes, this entry is different than the previous one. All the spaces in between the pics was bothering me. Below is Joe's birthday cake. I am a fanatic about cakes. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes-you name it. So I was very excited to give this to Joe, and I was not disappointed. For a two year old boy he was quite taken with it.
Here is Joseph with his pre-party entertainment. Using his "pre-birthday guitar" he was rocking out to U2.

So we skip ahead to opening presents. Joe loves Elmo, but wasn't to keen on this "loving Elmo", who's eyes blinked off and on while singing "Elmo loves you so, so much..." It was kinda creepy.
Still creeped out by Elmo.

After Joe opened his guitar, he immediately asked for his "Bono hat".

Strumming on the six strings.
Impatiently saying "eat, eat" after blowing out the candles.

Cousins Laird and Miranda with Joe.

Just like his mom Joe loves cake too.
Not sure why I have all this space. Anyone?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Bunny on the Block

Well sorry no pictures, yet again. But this week I have been picking up 6 hr extra shifts at work and plan to work all day tomorrow. The money is definitely worth it, but I miss Joe so much when I am gone. I thought it was hard to leave him as a baby, well let me tell you it doesn't get any easier.
Yesterday, David, Joe and I went to US Toys, one of my favorite stores, to pick up some cool birthday balloons for Joe's b-day. Like usual, Joe was carrying his bunny around. The child almost constantly has to have something in his hand, whether it is his bunny, a car, his blanket, or his thumb in his mouth. I think he has inherited a rather addictive personality and could very well end up being a chain smoker. He does like the rock n' roll. Anyway, we lost Joe's bunny, which he loves very much. The bunny can be seen in many pictures I have taken over the last six months, and anyone who knows Joe fairly well, probably can recall said bunny. As of this evening he is still asking for his "bunny". I swear to you my heart breaks when he asks for his bunny. As my mom said it, "it was kinda of a creepy bunny". Said bunny was about two and half inches tall, plastic, wore a backpack with a carrot on it and was holding an apple in his hands, and one ear was orange. I called US Toys and asked them to keep a look out for bunny, and when I was talking to the manager, (I don't know how I ended up talking to the manager) I started crying. He called me back after about ten minutes, and said he had walked the store and was not able to find bunny, but they would keep a lookout for it. I think he felt sorry for me. And I can promise I would have cried even if I wasn't pregnant. Tonight at the grocery store I bought Joe a cute little girly bunny, he was pointing out all of the bunnies. But this one is made of cloth and will get dirty easier, and frankly it is just not the same. I think even Joe knows it is not the same. I could actually keep going on and on about bunny, but I am getting tired and need to sleep to work. So Joe's birthday is on Saturday and I hope to post lots of pics. See you all later.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day

I had hoped to post some general pics of today, but forgot my camera or was busy doing other things. David, Joe and I went to my 12 week OB appointment. I didn't want to be by myself if we couldn't find the heartbeat. Luckily, Dr. Schlicter found it almost immediately. What's a better gift on valentines day than a rock steady fetal heartbeat. Even though David is not an outwardly emotional guy, I could tell he was smitten with the idea of baby #2 because he kept calling me "mama". At my next appointment, we will have our anatomical sonogram, and possibly find out the baby's gender. Initially, I was leaning towards not finding out, but I want to prepare myself mentally for the road ahead. Well I am very tired and have a long day tomorrow. Everyone enjoy your weekend, and pray for Spring to arrive and my sanity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finally, I Found It!

Please, please take time to listen. One of my favorite songs!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Say what?

Alright, I am a woman of many contradictions, I'll admit. But, this morning I opened all of the blinds in the house so I could watch the snow fall from different rooms in the house. It was gorgeous. But in two days, when the snow is brown and dirty I'll be cussing up a storm in desperation for spring.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Groundhog's Eve

Today is Groundhog's Day Eve. Having Joseph fondly reminds me of things from my childhood. One day in particular is Groundhog's Day. I so look forward to Spring, so I eagerly look forward to the groundhog seeing his shadow. This year I seem to care more than in past years. Maybe because it has been a rough, slow start to the year, or maybe because we seem to have had a significant snowfall every week since Thankgiving. Anyway, everyone keep your fingers crossed.

Yesterday I remembered the camera when we took Joe to the indoor playgym. So here are some pics.
Climbing up three stairs with grit determination. Loves the slide, but won't slide down on his bottom, only on his stomach.David is home today, and Joe is having a very fussy, emotional day. I think Dave is "done" right now so I need to go. Hopefully it won't be two weeks before my next entry.