Thursday, November 29, 2007

Raising Arizona
Just watched Raising Arizona for the fifty millionth time, and for the first time I cried/teared up at the end. I think it has something to do with being a mom, or because the baby in the movie had blonde hair and blue eyes just like Joe. I never really thought the baby was very cute until I watched it tonight. Or maybe it is girl hormones and the Christmas season. I don't know?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rub A Dub, Dub, We are Still in the Tub!

Well nothing to exciting right now, just trucking along until Christmas. Or should I say chipping along at the bathroom. I loved the light in the bathroom this morning, so experimented with some black and white pics. Yes, we are still only taking baths. I am hoping for showers in about 7-10 days. David is working hard, and I understand the reasons that slow down his progress, but for the record he has become an EBAY addict.

While taking a break from bathroom duty, David headed outside for yardwork. Joe and I followed suit. Joe kept falling into the pile of leaves on purpose. He loves to be outside, just like his dad. Please note in the video, Joseph's boots. I have been wanting to buy a pair of Ugg-like boots for myself and Joe. I bought these for Joe on Monday, and not only was I very excited about them, but Joe loved them too. The first time he tried them on, he cried when I took them off, and would cry, "shoes, shoes". Well when I took him to my mom's on Mon., I immediately asked my sister, "look at his boots, aren't they cute?" And she snorted/chuckled and said, "Ryanne,(pause) those are girl boots." I refused to believe it. But when I got home and looked at the box, the boots were named "Lindsey Boots" Look in the video and judge for yourself. But I think he looks so stinking cute in them, and he loves them. Well see you all later!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey for You, Turkey for Me

We started off Thanksgiving at Tim's (David's brother's) house. Here is Aunt Sandy (David's sister) feeding Joe pumpkin pie. If only we could all go through life playing while someone feeds us. Narration by Miranda.

Cousins Laird and Miranda were quite obessed with the camera.

Laird took this pic of Miranda.

This was Joe's scheduled Thanksgiving nap.

Every year my mom cooks real cranberries. Not only are they delicious, tart, and tangy, but absolutely gorgeous.

This would be Joe's second Thanksgiving dinner for the day. I am thankful for a hearty eater. Amen!

Christmas came early for Joe. Since we usually don't see my grandma on Christmas she brought Joe's present. He enjoyed unwrapping more than I thought he would.

Watching Joe open this makes me look forward to Christmas. He is more fun with each passing day. My memory card was full in the middle of filming so this clip is split in two.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Splish Splash, We Can Only Take Baths

Just wanted to post a bathroom update. The new bathtub and shower stall walls are finished and secure, so these pics were taken before David started placing the tile. Look to the left, and that is the cubby hole David built. It's right next to the toilet, I think I'll set magazines there.

Joe and I went to the park so Dad could work undisturbed in the bathroom. He made quite a bit of progress while we were gone.

Happy Thankgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Men At Work-Part II

We spent all of Monday and Tuesday at Lowe's scouting out and buying bathroom materials. As you can see by Tuesday Joseph had had enough. On several occassions he had nearly climbed on a forklift. "Customer assistance needed with childcare." So while David shopped through Lowe's, I chased Joe.

What can I say the boy has expensive taste, must be genetic.

I call this video "Carpet Sampling". The day before, Joe hit every sample on the shelf while running back and forth, back and forth. This video isn't quiet as amusing as his previous samplings.

Joe stood and stared at this poster for probably a solid 30 seconds, that's a long length of time when you're talking toddler, looking at the mom and her little girls. But when he leaned closer to peer at the poster he looked so cute, as if reading the instructions.

What can I say, the kid loves hats.

Wednesday has arrived, the big day. Here is a before shot of our seemingly benign bathub. HA! Me, the cynical ICU nurse, I know better.

Now, I almost did not post this pic because I am very embarrassed about the goings on under my tub. But I am also never one to hide the truth or sugar coat a situation. So here you go, for all the world to see. Really, please, close your mouth.

At that point, Joe and I headed to my grandma' s and to run some errands. When we got back David had cleaned up all the rotten, wood, insulation etc. He and his brother, Tim, were building a new floor and placing studs for the new wall.

Tim and David kick the tub to the curb. The next day somebody picked that bad boy up.

Here is the new floor for the new tub. Thank you Tim for all of your amazing handy work.
Tim and Dave will build a new wall here and even some cabinets. Most importantly all of that wet wood, and rotting whatever is gone. Here is Joe with his Children's Mercy calculator helping Dad measure the new walls.
Joe and I will spend all weekend at my mom's so I can shower before working this weekend. I'll also be glad to see what gets done while I am gone. So the saga continues next week. Happy weekend everyone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Punica granatum

After putting Joe to bed tonight, I was walking through the kitchen and saw the pomegranate that had been on my counter for little over a week now. I thought, I am thirsty, I'm gonna eat a pomegranate. My mom introduced me to pomegranates maybe three years ago, and I've loved them ever since. Not only do they taste good, but they are very good for you. Pomegranates are high in vitamin C, Potassium and fiber. They also are rich in polyphenols; potent antioxidants. To learn more about Punica granatum, recipes, nutrition facts and the 3 Step No Mess method, which looks quicker and cleaner than my prep method visit One last thought, my experience has been, that in Kansas City grocery stores, the best tasting pomegranates are only available after Halloween right up to Thanksgiving. I never seem to find good ones after Thanksgiving. Also remember the heavier the pomegranate the greater the juice!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Men At Work

I think the sign says it all.

A few pics of the initial phase.
David and his brother Tim put their heads together for constructing the ultimate bathroom.

Here is Joe lending a hand in the bathroom. What you see on Joe's head is a mini basketball hoop that attaches to a door or wall. Joe calls it a hat and often wears it on his head. You will also see him wearing it in the following video.

To keep Joe out of the way of the men at work, I put him to work washing dishes.

Here is David, after crawling underneath the bathtub, and yes underneath the house, to check out the plumbing.

He works hard for the money. Tim gutted our bathroom in three hours.

Some pics of the end result - for today.

To Be Continued.....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

In Sickness and in Health

Not sure where to begin. Guess I'll start on the homefront. Poor Joseph has had a low grade temp since Tuesday afternoon. Here he is at breakfast. I took this pic because of his rosey cheeks. His temp was 101 this am. It was so sad, usually when he wakes up in the morning he yells, "Mom-ee, mom-ee" or "Dad-ee, dad-ee", well this morning he just wimpered and whined. Definitely not acting himself. But at breakfast he ate his sausage and pancake on a stick with lots of OJ and water. His temp started on Tues. afternoon, and I thought he was feeling better Wednesday morning. Thinking Joe was up to snuff, I spent most of Wednesday away from home. Well sometimes babies just need their moms, because he was febrile when I got home Wed. night. Hopefully by tomorrow (Friday) his temp will subside, otherwise we may visit Dr. Miller. I spent most of Wednesday with my uncle at SMMC.

My uncle Mel has been sick for quite some time. I think it was around April or May, when his liver function started to decline. Well for the past month or two he has not been acting himself, and two weeks ago had a grand mal seizure, at which time he fell and hit his head. He refused to seek medical attention at that time. For the most part he wants as little to do with modern medicine as possible. I'll leave out all the details, but the last two weeks have been hell, for my cousin Kelsey and aunt Debbie. They've been walking on eggshells, and sitting on a time bomb just waiting to go off. Well, the s#&* hit the fan Tues. night, early Wednesday morning and my uncle was admitted to SMMC. Although I have stood back and watched all this unfold, I felt very responsible. I'm sure many nurses feel the responsiblity to help their own families navigate through the medical community and ensure that what needs to be done is getting done and I did not do that. I spent a lot of Wednesday at the hospital. It was an emotionally draining day watching my uncle seize repetively. I know Debbie, Mel and Kelsey feel lost and uncertain right now. I love them very much and will try very hard to be a guiding light through this time.

Here is a pic of "Blue", a companion for the hospital, until Mel can be reuntied with his real "Blue" at home!

Here is uncle Mel after his MRI, snoozing with Blue.

David has been home with a cranky Joseph while I have been with uncle Mel. I bought Dave his favorite, egg nog, at the store. Here he is drinking it in his favorite jelly jar glass.
Last but not least, she doesn't get a lot of props, but I would like to thank my trusty stead for getting me where I needed to go. We love you girl.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside.

Today may have been the last playdate outdoors, which makes me sad. I always push the playgroup to go to Antioch Park. It is one of my favorite parks in the city. With the trees finally turning colors, and the cold fresh air it was a beautiful fall day.
Here I am climbing a rock to bask in the warm sun. Who's watching Joe? Well, David decided to come along today, so mom is off duty. Not really, mom will be taking lots of pics.
Not sure if you can see on this pic, but what is a cold day without snot and boogers.

Mom and Joe down the slide.

My dad, Joe's Poppi decided to join in the fun. Here they're walking alongside the duck pond. When my dad was a kid he used to play ice hockey on the very same pond.

Dad, Joseph and David.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween - "Take 2"

Two days later, here is my Halloween post. Mother Nature must have known it was Halloween because the air smelled of fall leaves, and left a bite on your ears. Joe wore his costume most of the day, and I think liked it. Never once did he try to pull it off. Every Wednesday we visit my grandma for lunch. Here is Joe trick or treating at Nano's house. My amateur status of movie making is evident by this clip. Cock your head to the left when you watch.

After grandma's house, Joe came home and napped all afternoon. Finally, at 6pm, Dave had to wake him, and he was quite cranky. Here he is loaded in the wagon, preparing for departure.

Here are Joseph and Dad trick or treating!

Joe stayed up extra late that night, but only because Mom was trying to figure out how to post this. I think one of the neat things about having children is getting to experience childhood again. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.