Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Same Old

Hi all. Not a lot happening, just biding our time for some consistent Spring type weather. Although we have taken advantage of the fantastic weather when it is upon us. Tomorrow we are headed to SNAP photography for some much anticipated family pictures. Family pictures are like Christmas morning to me. I hope to do family pics once a year, to document our family as it grows. The outfits are ironed and hanging for the morning. Like I said, I am off to bed to ward off my hideous red eyes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Birthday Present

Okay, so maybe only I would find this humorous. On my birthday, David and I took the kids over to my Mom's, where she and Mike fixed a scrumptious birthday dinner for moi. Prior to dinner, Joe grabbed the camera and started photographing. Lucky for me the camera was set on video. So again, maybe only I would find this funny, but the last line just kills me. Happy Birthday to me!

Long Overdue

Finally. I am posting a few pics from Joe's 3rd birthday party. Let the record show, I previously attempted this post, but was waaaaay overwhelmed with all of the pics. It was just too much. So here is a condensed version for all of you Campbell lovers out there (ok, really lame joke).

Here is Joe examining his birthday cake. I cannot explain to you how obsessed my Joseph is with cakes and cupcakes. For example, tonight we read the Cat in the Hat. For those of you not familiar with the story, the Cat stands on a ball while trying to balance various items on his hat, arms, and legs and trying to not drop them (that's not the whole story, just a little scene). One of these various items was a cake. In the midst of reading Joseph says, "his (meaning the boy in the story) mom will be upset about the cake." In which, I praised him for being so smart and intuituve. After the cat eventually falls off of the ball, all of the items come crashing down, Joseph then replies, "oh no, the cake." So several pages through the book, Joseph asks, "what happened to that cake?". I reply, "gee, I don't know buddy ....". Then again, several pages later, when we are reading about Thing One and Thing Two, Joseph asks, "where'd that cake go?". The boy is obsessed with cake. I guess it's genetic.
I stamped the image of the monkey and emailed it to my Aunt Sherri, who baked and decorated the cake to include the sock monkey image. Joe doesn't really care about sock monkeys, I just thought the image was really cute. It was kind of a selfish mom thing to do, but at this age he didn't know any different.

Here is one of my new favorite pictures. This is my foxy Mom holding Baby Mae, and my handsome and oh so witty Uncle Joe.

Opening presents. It doesn't get any better than Thomas the Train. Oh wait, maybe it can, a megaphone. Megaphone not pictured.

I totally helped Joe blow out the candles. His aim was a little off. Don't tell. Here I am wearing his Superman cape, beautifully made by Grandma Chris.

Here is my Grandma Vonnie. She is longingly gazing at the cake. She refuses to eat any in front of anyone because of her DI-A-BEE-TEES. But don't worry she always snags a bite, or two, or three, when no one's looking. Aren't we all going to have Type II Diabetes in our later years?

Mother and daughter cutting the cake, and dishing out the ice cream. I look so serious. I am such a neurotic nerd. I am so afraid of messing up the cake when I am cutting. Geesh Ryanne, just get over it already. See, even my Aunt Sherri is offering support (actually she is straightening my cape).

The last guests have departed. Time for the Afterparty. Me, "Joseph, how old are you today?".
Joseph, "I free". Me, "that's right buddy".

The Afterparty

I always enjoy having people at the house. I love my family and friends. I love feeding people. I love that my house is actually clean prior to everyone's arrival. That being said, I love the quiet after everyone has left. Which brings me to the afterparty. After everyone left, I picked up the harmonica my Aunt Vonnie gifted to Joseph. David had been intermittently MIA during the opening of the presents, and was not aware of Joe's latest acquired musical instrument. Men are just big kids, I swear. Instead of putting him to bed, David sat on the stairs with Joseph and they took turns harmonizing with the harmonica. I probably snapped twenty pics - such an endearing moment. What a great gift! I never realized how beautiful a harmonica sounds, and I am glad I now know.
I love this picture with Joe's hands under his chin. It's as if he can hardly contain himself.
On a side note, sometimes when Joe is stressing me out. I will pick up the harmonica and blow a couple of notes, just to break up the temper tantrum, and the sound really is soothing and melodic.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Kitchen Window

I absolutely love my yard. I should really call it David's yard because he's the one who does all the hard work to make it so beautiful. I wish we had taken before and after photos, because this place was like the Secret Garden, completely overrun with brush and debris, but now it has become a place for quaint family gatherings. Don't get me wrong, there is a long way to go, it is a very big yard, but every year I love our house and yard a little more. This morning, this is what I saw looking out my sacred kitchen window. No, not a tree with a scary face, but a woodpecker. Don't worry the tree grows on you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Blogger

Awful, awful, awful. I can't believe I haven't posted this week. I am not sure what I have been doing. I did cook my bday dinner but that is all I have to speak of. I am just barely keeping my head above water with the kids, let alone dishes, cooking, laundry and cleaning the house. I guess I cleaned the bathroom...woohoo!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Familial Bliss

Hi all. Sorry to be such a slacker. Last week not only flew, but was really a wonderful week. My kids were so charming. Not necessarliy at the birthday party, but just in general within our everyday routine. I really enjoyed my little family last week. Not that I haven't ever enjoyed my family, but last week just seemed especially blissful. I really needed a little bliss, because I am struggling with my job like I never have in the past. Today or tomorrow I will post pics from the birthday party and birthday after party. Don't get any crazy ideas.
Plus, for all the hot mamas who like to cook. Check out this site. Beautiful pics with deep, flavorful recipes.